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Friday, March 31, 2006

I will hold Mommy and Daddy hostage for 1 Billion Dollars!

Daddy was channel surfing earlier, and he stopped long enough for me to see Austin Powers, which gave me an idea! By the way, I think Daddy kinda looks like Dr Evil; in fact, he was mumbling something about Cats with Laser Beams on their foreheads. Silly Daddy!!

Allow myself to introduce....myself.

Welcome to "The Morgan Report", detailing the life and times of our beautiful baby girl, Morgan Elaine. She just celebrated her two week birthday and is doing very well. As of March 30th, she weighs 8lbs 6 oz. She also has a consistent habit of soiling her diapers within five minutes of entering any doctor's office. She has been annointed new Commander in Chief of the household, and has shifted the balance of power in the home (2 human females + 2 feline females vs 1 human male and 3 feline males -- Numbers are even but let's face it, Daddy is still outnumbered!!!). More to follow soon!