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Sunday, May 24, 2009


My sister, Sydneye turned 1!!!
For more photos go to my sissy's blog at:

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Ok, finally Mommy is getting our pictures on the blog from our Florida trip. She says she never has the time anymore. Can't imagine why? She always has time to be with us...hmmm...

Miss Sydney enjoys the sand & sun.

There were plenty of hugs to go around. These are my cousins, Sami & Cole.
Grammy even let us snap green beans with her (she says it is a southern thing).
My Mommy always says, "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" but as soon as she turned her back Grammy & Auntie Dee-Dee let us jump & jump & jump...weeeeee! Mommy was not to happy about it. hee hee
Auntie Dee-Dee gave us a good scare while we were visiting. She had to have emergency surgery so it was my job to make sure she stayed off her feet & ate healthy meals. Here I am feeding her Kashi.  "Now open wide Dee-Dee...that's a good girl".
My cousin Sami giving Sydney Mommy's water bottle to drink from. Yum, it is nice & cold!
This is my buddy Yogi Bear. He is my auntie's pup. I love him! We played tag all through the house.
Cole helping me build in the sand. "Now, Cole, lets build the Eiffel Tower next, okay?"
Wow, those are big teeth you have Dad-dee!
The look on Morgan's face at her first Sea World show was priceless! Gregg & I both were in tears. She loved Shamu!
Dad-dee & Morgan flying a kite.
Our view from Grammy's place. Oh, how we love it there!
Fly Sydney, fly!
Uncle Jeff played football with me last year & this year he played ball with both Sydney & I. He is lots of fun!
Our first stop was to Tampa to see Auntie Dee-dee's house. Here I am luxuriating in the hot tub with Unlce Roo Roo (David).
They have a great big pool too. Can we stay here forever? Fun, fun, fun.
I got to sleep in a big girl bed while I was at Grammy's place. Bunkbeds actually. This day I decided to play before napping & ended up falling asleep on the floor. This Florida sun wears a girl out!
Dad-dee & I are working on our tans. Hey, there is only so long I can run around without a top on & people not think Im crazy! hee hee

Monday, May 04, 2009


I started preschool a few weeks ago. Here I am on my way to my first day. This is my classroom and my teacher Ms Wendy. I have a huge classroom with only 9 kids. I get lots of attention. I am really chatting up a storm now. I really like school and I am learning so much.
Today is picture day. Do I look okay? I am practicing my smile.