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Sunday, March 28, 2010


March 17, 2010 our precious angel turned 4!!! Where does the time go? She has brought so much joy to our lives. She truly is such a gift. Her big smile & her daily (mulitple) hugs bring such joy to our hearts. This little girl is what makes us jump out of bed every morning just to see her sweet smile and hear her sweet "hello Mommy & Dad-dee''! Everyone should be so blessed!

We celebrated Morgan's birthday at her favorite place. She had a blast! Here are some pictures of her party.

Jackson & Morgan Tarasa, Morgan & Cortez

"Oh, that is sooo funny!"

So many wonderful gifts. Thank you everyone!!!!

The festivities.

Cortez...boy, does he look like his beautiful mama! Love that smile!
Sydney & Morgan
Tinkerbell Birthday cake

Rylee (our neighbor) & Sydney having some laughs together.

The whole gang!
Caleb (Rylee's brother), Jackson & his daddy, Rich

Sydney Sue-Sue enjoying pizza
The Fam
Ready, set.....

And here comes Sydney...........
The Birthday girl

Having fun sliding Sydney...jump, jump, jump!Tinkerbell!!!!
"This is a fabulous dress"
Yum, vanilla ice cream cake...I still don't like the actual cake part.
But Sydney....she likes EVERYTHING!Yum, cake!

The Fam!
Blowing out her candles...all 4!!
I second that!!!!