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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wow! Has it really been a month?

I can't believe I have gotten so slack on my updates. The girls are growing up so fast! Morgan is in preschool and taking the bus! Ahhh!!! I didn't think 'I' could do it but she really seems to love the bus. She climbs right on and has a big smile on her face. I asked that she be put in a carseat though. So, that makes me feel better. It is so hard putting the care of your child into someone elses hands. Of course this mother hen is a fly on the wall at school. They have an obervation room where Morgan can't see us & we go & watch her class very often. It is great seeing how well she is doing. She grew alot over the summer & her teacher said she is doing great in school.

Sydney is a whirling dervish! She is running, climbing, talking and just plain silly. She is a character. Did I mention climbing? She climbs anything she can get to, she trys to climb at home (notice I emphasize 'TRY' - I gotta stay on her like white on rice), jungle gyms, slides, etc... She is quickly catching up to her big sister. Amazing to watch her.She is such a happy girl (like Morgan). But, we really gotta watch her. Morgan spoiled us by being so easy. She did not get into too much but Sydney...oh boy! She has a strong will...but Mommy's is stronger :) Thank God!We still call her the sreeching birdchild as you will see in the video. Funny, how she started doing this at about 4 months old- but not all the time thank goodness. Don't know if I could keep my sanity if I had screamers in the house.