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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Hi everyone-here I am. Mommy decided it had been too long since Daddy's last entry so we are doing our own entry. I went to see my doctor May 16 for my 2 month class & check-up. He says I am growing perfectly. I am now 10 lbs 7 oz and almost 23" long. YEAH! I was the only baby (out of 11) who could lay on my tummy, lift my head AND roll over. My doctor was impressed and Mommy & Daddy beemed with pride. They work with me a lot or should I say, play, because I have lots of fun. I smile a lot now. Mommy loves my smile. Mommy calls me wiggle-worm because I do 360's in my crib & I travel to the other end at night. I can move! They are gonna have to keep an eye on me. I'm sneaky- hee hee. Here is a picture my bestest Auntie Dianna took of me (she's a great photographer). Auntie D & Mommy dressed me up in all kinds of pretty outfits & took pictures. I felt like a SUPA-STAR! My Gran (Daddy's mommy) comes to visit in 5 days-Yeah! Grandma (Mommy's Mom) comes back in June. I have all kinds of wonderful friends & family visiting. I love it! The weather has been hot here so we have been taking lots of walks during the day. I love it outside. I usually stay awake the whole walk & take it all in. Well, that's the latest. Hugs & Kisses!- Princess Morgan