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Sunday, August 30, 2009


So, our last blog entry was a little white lie. Dad-dee did not go to Turkey (gobble-gobble) for a month. Mommy just wrote that so Gran would think he would be out of the country for her 70th birthday. hee hee! Little did she know Dad-dee was flying across country to New Jersey to surprise her. Boy, was she surprised! With a lot of help from family & friends we pulled off a great weekend full of surprises (even though we could not personally be there)! They had surprise dinners & lunches and the big surprise was a 7 day cruise. Woo hoo! Wish we could go too. Gran is going with Grammy (Mommy's mom) on the cruise. They will have so much fun!Well, Gran, I think we pulled off a great surprise. We hope you had a lovely birthday- just wish we could have been there to give you big hugs & kisses in person. Hope you know how very much you are loved. XOXOXOXOXGregg & his nephews (Matt & Grant) Miss Sandee ( who was a huge help in pulling off the surprise) & Gran

Dad-dee & Gran
Aunt Lynn ( who told a little white lie to help- Gran thought she was going to spend the day in Atlantic City with Aunt Lynn and when there was a knock at Gran's door it turned out to be Dad-dee -who was supposed to be in Turkey- & not Aunt Lynn- hee hee- you should have seen the look on her face...we got it on video-priceless), Dad-dee Gran & Sandee

Gran & the grandkids ( Lauren, Grant & Matt)

Gran & 2 of her boys ( George (right) -the oldest & Gregg (left)- the baby)
Dinner with the Fam (Grant, Matt, sons- George, Gregg & Scott, Lauren and Judy (George's wife)