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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here is the latest sport taking place in the household! T-Ball. Ahhhh! Actually, they can't hit quite that hard so we have nothing to worry about. Plus, it is set up in the hallway upstairs & we close all the doors. So, hit away! They love it!

Morgan has become quite the T-Ball hitter.

You never see this! Sydney actually fell asleep in the car. This is what happens when Dad-dee takes her out for an adventure.

Boy, are the girls happy to have Dad-dee home. I don't think Sydney has given him a moments peace since he returned. I don't think he minds.

The girls dining together using the new dish set Grammy sent. I am very thankful I have such great eaters.

Swim lessons.

Face of an angel!
Mommy, can I go on the cruise with you? I am all ready!