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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The girls started swimming....again for Morgan (even though it has been a year). Sydney is doing pretty well. She was actually supposed to be in the infant class until she turns 2 (end of May) but because she is doing so well and so physically mobile they let me put her in class with Morgan. She is funny to watch. She will pout & whine when sitting on the edge of the pool waiting her turn but then she jumps right to Miss Kim (swim instructor) when it is her turn. Silly girl! She jumped right off the diving board her second day & wanted to do it again!

Morgan seems to remember a lot from last year. She is a little hesitant when it comes to the diving board. It took her a few weeks last year to jump off. She is using her arms a lot and kicking some. If we could just get her to put her face in the water & blow bubbles. She keeps inhaling water & choking. SHe'll get it some day soon. I am going to try & keep them in lessons most of the year. I think it is so important to learn to swim plus it is great exercise! Wish I could get in & turn a few laps myself. The one thing the Great Northwest is lacking is nice pools. Even the Y's pools stink. Guess this Florida girl is just used to olympic size pools.

Sydney keeps sneaking off her starfish ( they are supposed to sit on them & wait for Miss Kim).
"Im just coming to say hi Mama!"

Waiting their turn to swim. Sydney has the most pathetic look on her face. So funny! She loved being in the water. I think she just wanted me to come sit with her when she was on the opposite side of the pool. She's gotta learn independence.

My lens kept foggin up because it is so humid inside....should've seen my hair. Ahhhhh!!!

Waiting patiently for lesssons to begin.

Is that Snow White I see? Oh my, what a pretty princess!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The Fam- Christmas 2009
The newest additon to arrive July 2010!

Sisterly love! They hug & gives kisses to each other all the time. We love this!

So, you can see who does all the chatting. Miss busy body Sydney Sue- Who (hands going & all).

Thumbs up!

Our sweet Sydney Susan! There's no one like her!

Dad-dee's sweet angel!!! This child has her Dad-dee wrapped BIG TIME!!!

Mirror image?

We even got Gus- Gus in on the action.

And then of course they made the parents sit with Santa.

A smile just for Santa. "So, did ya get all that Santa?" "Everything Barney, please"

Santa & Sydney