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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Mommy has been a little behind on my posts. So much has been going on. First, I saw my cardiologist who I last saw in June 2006. He wanted a follow up when I turned 1. Drum roll please...........He said he wanted to see me again when I am 14....................................YEARS OLD!!!! YEAH! My slight PDA closed all by itself. Well, he said "I" did it all by myself. Mommy & Dad-dee were so happy....especially Mommy. I don't know why she cries every time we get good news. Silly Mommy! I also saw my pediatrician for my 1 year check-up. Both of my docs said I am developing beautifully and are very proud of me.
Here are my latest stats:
weight: 18 lb 14 oz
height: 28.75 "

I have my first tooth popping through! Ouch! It really has not been too bad. I just chew on everything.

Here are my personal stats:
I excel at the following:
- building block demolition (Dad-dee stacks the blocks & I knock them down)
- low crawling to avoid sniper fire (hee hee)
- feline (my kitties) ambushes ( I am a really quick low crawler..and stealthy)
- I am drinking from a regular cup...Mommy still holds it though (no sippy cups for me)
- I am also drinking through a straw (still mastering this one)

My favorite fooods are:
yes, all the following are organic :))) Mommy's orders!
-avocados (lots of them!)
-mongolie stir fry ( zucchini, mushrooms, bok choy, sprouts, green peppers, broccoli, onions, water chestnuts, scallions, whole wheat angel hair pasta and chicken) YUMMY!!!
- unsweetened soy milk (with Mommy's liquid gold)
- beans, beans & more beans
- veggie pasta with tomato sauce
- yams & spaghetti squash (mixed)

Things about me:
- I love to play with Mardi Gras beads (especially the green ones)
- My eyes have remained blue (steel blue)
- I love bath time...especially splashing Dad-dee. He looks funny with water dripping from his head.
- I love climbing over Dad-dees legs when he is on the floor playing with me. He makes me a great baby obstacle course.
- Books!
- Music....especially when Mommy & Dad-dee sing to me. My favorite right now is Itsy Bitsy Spider (Dad-dee knows ALL the 6 of them...who knew!)
Life is so exciting. I am a happy girl and love ladybug hugs. Well, bye for now!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Hi Gran!

My Gran ( Daddy's mommy) came to visit & be with me for my first birthday. We had a great time! She really helped to make my day extra special. Thank you Gran!

Below is a picture of me with Dad-dee & Gran!
Me & my Gran.

Oh, and Priscilla (kitty) was in her glory having Gran visit. See her sleeping between Gran & the side of the couch. If she wasn't there she was right on Gran's lap. See, Gran got her for Mommy & Dad-dee. They always said if Gran was a cat she would be Priscilla because Prissy has such spirit. Well, thank you for coming to visit Gran and all my wonderful gifts! Love you! Ladybug hugs!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Birthday Girl!

This is how my day began. Mommy & Dad-dee woke me at exactly 7:39 am (the time I was born exactly one year ago). And then......let the games begin!

First wardrobe change of the day was out of my jammies & into my birthday dress.

Then, after my morning nap, Mommy decided I needed to wear some green.

I got to ride my butterfly. I am getting pretty good at this.

Beam me up Scotty! (shamrock antennae & bib compliments of Uncle Jeffy). Thank you....I think.

Shamrock cupcake? I don't THINK so!

Well, maybe just a little frosting.

HELP ME!!! Who are these crazy people? Grammy!!!!!!!!!! Save me!

Every Irish Princess must have a tiara.

I had a great birthday! Well, I think Mommy & Daddy enjoyed it. C'mon, we all know this is really all for the parents at my age anyway. I am glad I could amuse them. Now, will someone take these silly stockings off me??

Friday, March 16, 2007


Here I am with Julia. We are very busy playing with beads & playing the xylophone.

This is Jackson. Isn't he cute? Dad-dee says I can date when I am ....well, never! Oh well!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Here's the Birthday girl riding her butterfly. I had a great first birthday party. Mommy did a lot of green because I am a St. Patrick's Day baby. We had a black couldron full of green beads, green light-up wands, leprechauns & cupcakes with shamrocks on them. I had a lot of fun & thank my friends Ashley, Julia, Jackson and their mommies for making my day special. Tomorrow is my birthday & there is no telling what she has planned for me. I'll keep you posted.

Here I am with my friend Ashley. Friends are great!

Here is Ashley & Julia riding Miss butterfly. Ashley is really good at making it rock. I need to watch her so I can learn how to make it rock too.

Julia had a lot of fun too.


Here I am with Dad-dee and all my beads, ballons & Leprechaun. I had so much fun!

Monday, March 05, 2007


I'm standing on my own now! Woo hoo!!!

Pizza!!! Yum!!! Especially the crust! It feels good on my gums. I am teething on everything.

Wow! I love making a mess! Weeeeeee!

AFTER: Clean as a whistle!


Thursday, March 01, 2007


Here is my new bear. He helps Mommy & Dad-dee put me to sleep. I like to watch him change colors as I drink my bottle.