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Monday, October 12, 2009


FLASHBACK- This is last year's pumpkin patch visit. Sydney was not very happy with the whole ordeal. Last year's measurements.

This is when Morgan was 18 months old. Our little angel has grown so much.

Morgan was 7 months old here. Oh, the things we do to our kids for a photo opp. Sorry sweetie.

PUMPKIN PATCH 2009- It was a great day! The girls had a blast & we had fun watching them. Oh, to be so young again!

Hi Kitty- do you want to wear my pumpkin hat? It is cold out here.

Mom, Im looking for my pumpkin!
Morgan found her pumpkin & Sydney is off to get her own.

Here it is...the perfect pumpkin....2 actually!
This is Morgan's favorite part of the Pumpkin patch...the pony ride. This is her 6th pony ride since last year. They have a farm nearby that we are going to start taking the girls to ride.

Sydney-16 months old & already a pro! Holding on with only 1 hand! Giddy-up!
Hayride hugs!

This slide was super-fast!!!! Glad she has no fear but she landed hard on her bootie!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. So, I am taking a moment to post something in honor of Morgan (our gift).

This one is for all the precious angels in our lives.....especially our Morgan:

Sunday, October 04, 2009

HAPPY 40th DAD-DEE!!!!

Mommy pulled it off! She threw a surprise party for Dad-dee's big 40! It was a long time in the making. He had a great time and was surrounded by lots of wonderful friends! Thanks everyone for helping Mommy pull off the surprise! This was the shirt nanny Kelli & Jenny made for Dad-dee! It has their picture on the front and the back says " Dinner for two...$100 Babysitter... $50 Knowing your children are safe...PRICELESS!" Too funny! The Birthday Boy!
Laura & Roger ( our new neighbors).

He got a Dallas Cowboys blanket from Nick & Lisa. Mommy & Dad-dee may fight over this one. It is really soft.
Mommy & Misti (they used to work together)

Misti & Scott
Dad-dee cheated & picked up 1 candle at a time & blew them out.

Our neighbor Janelle. She is so nice!

Kelli Picking up Mommy for a big hug! Silly Kelli!

Nanny Jenny, Mommy & Nanny Kelli

Eric & Julie really surprised Dad-dee! He has not seen them for a long time.

Our neighbors Michelle & Josh. The are so nice to us & their kids are so much fun.
Gregg & Kelly
Nick & Lisa ( Natasha's parents) Dad-dee was very happy they were able to make it.

Mommy & her very dear friend, Tarasa.

Dad-dee's birthday cake.
Dad-dee with Nick & Lisa.
Jenny and her friend Kelly.
Nanny Kelli & Jenny