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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, that's right...MAMA!!!!

Still in Florida

Here I am with my uncle Jeff & uncle Chip (Mommy's brothers). They are funny & we had lots of fun.
Im still standin'............ EVERYWHERE!
Hey! It's my private balcony. Can't a girl work on her tan without being interrupted? Hmph!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Saturday, May 19, 2007


Here I am with Uncle Jeff. Look at all that hair he has. Now I know where I get my locks from. He is funny.

This is the view from Grammy's beach condo. It is beautiful. I love it here & so does Mommy & Dad-dee. Oh, Mommy took me in the ocean today & I loved it...she has the magic touch. I think it is the fact she put me in the water slowly (it's a little cool)hee hee

This is my cousin Cody. He has played with me so much. He builds towers & I knock them down. woo hoo!

I am standing (almost climbing out of my pack & play). I like to look over the top at Mommy & Daddy when they are sleeping. I'm funny! hee hee

Beach baby! I could get used to this.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


We are in sunny Florida (where Mommy grew up). Here I am with Dad-dee in the pool. It was so nice & warm. I love the boat my Grammy got for me. Mommy calls me Tugboat Annie. We spent the afternoon on the beach. I liked it until Dad-dee put my feet into the COLD water. Brrrrr!!! The pool is very warm so I liked it a lot better. Think I will do most of my swimming in the pool.
This is my cousin Samantha (she's 12). It is my first time meeting her. She is so nice. She's gonna teach me all kinds of girly things as I grow up.

I keep falling asleep on Grammy. She just has that special touch. Mommy just sighs because it has been a while since I have fallen asleep in her arms. There's just something about my Grammy.

Here I am with my cousin Cole (he's 11 yrs old). Even he likes to snuggle with me. I am just getting so much cuddle time here. I love it!!!! He likes to play with me & I like to crawl all over him.

My Grammy bought me my first tea dress. We took Grammy to high tea at the Windsor Rose tea room on Mother's Day. It is a tradition now. My cousin, Samantha, was taken to tea when she was just a baby 12 years ago. Yes, I did have tea but my favorite was Sheppard's Pie and Chicken & Leek pie (it is very British). Yummy!
Mommy said she would post more pictures as soon as she gets more dwownloaded. Until then, bye bye. Hello to all my family & friends. Oh, I almost forgot...I was a perfect ANGEL on the plane. Not a peep & my ears cleared just fine on descent (no silly Benadryl for this girl). hee hee
Ok, back to having fun on my Florida vacation.

Monday, May 07, 2007


WE HEARD BONO (FROM THE BAND U2-for those born on another planet) IS LOOKING FOR A NEW DRUMMER. WHATCHA THINK? hee hee

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Look out Ringo Starr!!

So, here is what happens when Mommy goes out for the day (can't you tell it's Dad-dee daycare? Look at the room. See my toys EVERYWHERE? hee hee Wait 'til Mommy gets home). Sometimes (when I am with Dad-dee) it is like my own Dr. Suess's The Cat in the Hat story. Only I wish we had Thing 1 & Thing 2 to clean up before Mommy gets home. hee hee

Music lessons Dad-dee?
First, we have crazy hair (no bow), one sock off & then it begins......BANG BANG BANG!!! Dad-dee decided my little drum did not make enough noise. So, he pulled out Mommy's roasting pan and boy did I have fun. Woo hoo!!!


My friend Julia turns "1" tomorrow. Her Mommy & Daddy had a party for her at the beach today. I had alot of fun. Happy Birthday Miss Julia!

These adults do the silliest things to make me smile.

My friends from left to right: Ashley, Julia (birthday girl), Luke and Me!