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Sunday, June 28, 2009


We wanted to introduce everyone to the new addition to our family. This is Gus (or Gus-Gus) as we call him. He is a toy Shitzu (will only weigh about 8 lbs when he grows up). He is such a sweet pup. Very mild tempered & extremely loving. The girls are loving him and he is loving them as well. The cats are not quite sure what to make of him but don't seem to mind very much. I was very surprised. He really wants to play with them but I think they need a little time to make sure he knows who rules the roost. Sydney & her puppy.

The purse, the out Paris Hilton!

Gus stay close to a very tired Morgan.

He even watches Barney with Morgan (as well as wrestles Barney).

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

PORTRAITS & Sydney Stats!

Auntie Dee-Dee used her magic to get these pictures of us in Florida. We had lots of fun!

Here are Sydney's 1 year stats:
Height: 29 1/2"
Weight: 21.13 lbs
She is such a great little eater. She wants to feed herself all the time. Veggies being her main staple- she devours them. Her favorites being butternut squash, yams, peas, & carrots. She also loves Mommy's homemade chicken noodle soup (yes, organic of course). Fruits are a close second with mandarins, blueberries, pears, prunes & grapes. Does not like bananas. Neither does Morgan...I think it is a texture thing. The one thing she does not like that Morgan can't get enough of is avocado. Oh! She is also walking everywhere!! She is such a happy little girl. Not only does she look just like her Dad-dee but she also has his expressions...even his scowl. She definitely got his eyebrows to do the perfect scowl. Too funny!