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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


FYI...Daddy did my hair this afternoon....can you tell? Crazy hair Wednesday! Woo hoo! Wait until Mommy sees. hee hee

Here I come Mario Andretti!
What happened to my pants you ask? I was driving so fast they flew off. hee hee!

Fuel level is low. My check engine light just came on. Hmmmmm...

Hey,this car makes a great teether.

Play Day!

Here I am with my friends Jackson, Julia & Luke (crawling off). Mommy had an impromptu play day & I am so glad all my friends made it. We had a lot of fun & Mommy did too. We received some very exciting news. Ashley is going to have a new brother or sister in 9 months. Congrats!!!

Jackson is reading me a book & I helped turn the pages. Julia turns 1 next month. Yeah!

Here's handsome Jackson. Look at those baby blues- gets them from his pretty mommy.

And always big, beautiful smiles from Miss Ashley. She is 1 month older than I am. She has been walking for a while and can really explore everything.

Look at Luke! He is almost 9 months old & pulling himself up to stand. Way to go!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


What a gorgeous spring day we had today. I love the sunshine & playing in the grass with Mommy & Dad-dee.

Here I am playing with my maracas. Like my pearly white? I am cutting more on the bottom & the tops are close behind. It doesn't bother me much. I just chew on some things & drool a bit. Overall, not that bad. Mommy says she is very happy I am not cranky ( I never get cranky) & still sleeping like a champ. Geesh, if bedtime for everyone is like it is in my house every night, no one would ever get out of bed (warm bath, massage w/ my lavender lotion, story time, warm bottle, lots of hugs & kisses, glow bear, lullaby bear & Mr. Glow Worm singing me to sleep). Ahhhhh! I love it. Do I ever have to grow up? I got it made!

Hey Mommy, let me take a picture of you. Can I have the camera....please???

I am getting very ingenous. The baskets under the coffee table are now full of MY things...hee hee. Mommy learned real fast to clear them out & refill them with my stuff. So, I push my basket off the shelf & make my own bridge to crawl over. Here, Mommy caught me in the act. She says I continue to amaze her.

Monday, April 09, 2007


I find myself reminiscing today. A friend just had a little girl ( Hello Mackenzie) and my very dear friends in Germany are expecting ANY DAY (due date was April 7th) and it made me want to look back at Morgan's first few days. So hard to believe it was only a year ago. Where does the precious time go? My mom was here with us when Morgan was born & boy I can't tell you what a blessing she was. Thank you mom! You'll never know how much it meant to us to have you here during those joyous yet scary first few weeks. Here are some of my favorites.


Here I am standing. I can pull myself up to standing now & soon I will be off & cruising. Just wait & see.....


Hope everyone had a nice Easter! I sure did! I had Mommy & Dad-dee to myself all day!