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Monday, August 25, 2008


Every summer our street has a picnic. We had a blast on Saturday. They had a big jumprope & some of the adults were jumping. So, of course you know Gregg had to have a swing at it. Of course he out jumped everyone...well, the adults anyway. ha ha Then, he decided to take Morgan for a jump. She was laughing & clapping & the whole block was clapping & cheering. It was so much fun. Of course, I was late with the camera so I did not snag a picture of it.

Morgan decided to make hats out of the game cones. Our little trendsetter. ha ha ha!

We had 2 tired little girls at days end.

First bath together...well, sort of. Morgan was helping me rinse Sydney. Such a good little helper.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

I love my new sissy, Sydney. I can't wait for her to get bigger so we can play. Remember to check out her blog at

Dad-dee has his 2 girls now. Be careful what you wish for.... Mommy posted the following pictures by request of Grammy & Gran. They wanted to see the finished product. When we moved in the house, the deck did not have any railing around it. So, while Dad-dee was in India Mommy had this done (another surprise). I think Dad-dee is a little afraid to go away on trips. He never knows what Mommy will do (like buy a house, remodel, etc...) hee hee. Anyway, Mommy is very happy with the new railing because she said it will keep us girls safe so we don't fall off the deck.

Hey Mommy, Dad-dee is sleeping on the job again. Boy, it is amazing how 2 little girls can bring a 6'3 , 210 lb man to his knees. ha ha ha!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


I have been the busiest little bee. My Auntie Dee-Dee & cousins Cole & Samantha came all the way from Florida just to see me & play. I guess they were here to see Sydney too...but I like to think it is all about me!!! hee hee! Anyway, here I am riding my favorite horse, Sandy. I can really make her go. Yee Haw!!
This is my training for my future Mt Everest climb.

If you have seen the show WIPEOUT, you know all about the BIG BALLS. Here is my version and I don't fall off. My cousin Cole is really good at climbing that wall.

Giddy-up horsey! Boy, my cousins are fun!

Cole'man' would carry me all day I bet....I just love him! And when Cole gets tired, Sami takes over. Woo hoo!!!

Cole is making the rounds. Now, he has my baby sister Sydney. I have the best cousins ever!
Here we are again. Aren't we a cute bunch? Runs in the family...hee hee!

Ok Cole, I'm listening...but you know we are gonna do things my way. Ha ha!

With Dad-dee coming home from India (he surprised Auntie Dee-dee & my cousins) we were able to take them up to Seattle (well, Mommy took them) while Dad-dee had both of us girls for dad-dee Daycare. They went to Pikes Place Market & the Space Needle. Mommy introduced them to their first Godiva chocolates. Mommy says it will be a while before I can have chocolate. That is ok, I don't like sweets anyway.

My kitties were LOVING all the attention and did not waste the chance to score a lap. Here is Priscilla setting up camp on Cole.

And Willow is napping on Sami.
And Priscilla again.......
Samantha & Cole'man'
Here is Auntie Dee-Dee (Dianna), Cole & Sami
My Aunite Dee-Dee loves me & I love her oooodles!!!

We were playing with a leaf.
Auntie Dee-Dee & Sydney
Mommy reserved platime for us at Pump It Up. We had so much fun.

Dad-dee, I bet I could beat you at air hockey. Here comes Mommy. Woo hoo!
Dad-dee & Morgan's turn. Weeeeeee!

Cole is helping me slam dunk the ball. I thought he was going to put me in the hoop. hee hee!