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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


With only 3 weeks remaining until the arrival of Baby P2 I find myself looking back at Morgan's first days in this world. Her birth was the single most happiest day of my life (well, my wedding day is up there too). This precious little soul was given to Gregg & I to cherish & nurture. She has been such a blessing to our families. From day one she has been my biggest joy. She has been such an easy baby (sleeping through the night at 2 months old, a good eater, napper...just all around easy). So sweet, happy & good natured. I wonder what this new child will be like. What type of personality he/she will have. I can already tell a difference with the way I am carrying this one. Baby P2 is a whirling dervish. Morgan was so calm. This baby is kicking the @#^*!! out of me. Maybe it just means Baby P2 will have a spitfire personality. When I carried Morgan I really felt I was having a girl. I even bought fairies & angels for her room. This baby, I really have no idea. Sometimes I lean more towards a boy. I am so uncertain this time that I have not purchased anything gender specific. We are hoping if we stay with the same blueprint we used with Morgan, this baby will slip right into a good routine as well. Is this wishful thinking? Gregg has always been very involved with Morgan's life ( it helps he has a job that allows him so much time at home). I know this has been a huge part of making Morgan secure. She is really easy to take whining or crying. She loves people & has never really gone through any seperation anxiety from us.

Well, many thoughts running through this Mama's head. Just so hard to believe he/she will be here in 3 weeks. I have enjoyed being pregnant so much. It is a time in my life I truly treasure. But, I also can't wait to have this child in my arms & look into his/her eyes. Morgan is going to be such a great big sister. We are so blessed to be able to give her a sibling. Morgan is just so loving. Here are photos of Morgan form her first 5 days in our lives.

I knew I was looking at an angel...I just had no idea how special she really was going to be to us.

Gregg was in love with his little girl from the first moment.

I still love lifting her up & looking into her beautiful almond shaped eyes ( just like her Mommies).

Grammy always said (from the day Morgan was born...actually even before she was born) that Morgan was special and a gift to our family. She KNEW Morgan would be a girl. When I flew home to Florida to tell her I was pregnant, she nicknamed her "FLOWER". She was right...about everything! Mom's know best.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Morgan has really made a game out of chasing Priscilla (youngest of our 4 kitties). It is so funny to watch. Prissy just wants to watch the birds, squirrels & chipmunks at the feeder right outside the window. But, Morgan is constantly sneaking up behind her. Sometimes Morgan will look out the window next to her. Most times, she wants to play with Prissy (which entails getting a hand full of fur). The kitties are so patient with her. Poor kitties!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Mommy has been fighting a sore throat this week so Dad-dee has been running me around to appointments to give her time to rest. He always takes me out to lunch too. It sure is fun hanging out with Dad-dee. I get to be messy & have crazy hair days. Weeeeeeeeeeeee! This is what I looked liked one particular day after returning home with Dad-dee. Ok, so he is not the best at 'neatly' feeding me & maybe quite a bit gets on my clothes & in my hair, but boy do we have fun. That's what baths & washing machines are for anyway, right?

Friday, April 18, 2008


Lions & Tigers and............Reindeer?? Oh My!!!!
Mommy & Dad-dee took me to the zoo and I got to see all kinds of animals. I can roar like a tiger, hiss like a snake and even make monkey sounds. I don't really know what reindeer sound like (or anteaters) so I just watched them for a bit. I even saw beluga whales and a big fat walrus. They were funny to watch. They kept swimming up to me and doing flybys at the glass. What fun we had! I can't wait to go back.

Baby P2 update: Mommy saw the doc today & baby is doing great! Only 5 weeks to go and I will have a little brother or sissy. Yeah!!!

Anteaters are funny looking.

Look closely and you can see the tiger to the right of Dad-dee' shoulder.

Can I ride the elephant Dad-dee's, please?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


One of Morgan's favorite things to do is play ball. So, Gregg has her doing laps around the kitchen island to encourage her walking. She has so much fun & is such a ham.

On another note, Baby P2 is scheduled to arrive May 23 (unless he/she decides to arrive earlier). I am feeling really good-just gotta cut back on all the cleaning & organizing a bit....nesting I suppose. :) So hard to believe this pregnancy has gone by so fast. I have been enjoying every single moment.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Morgan does not watch too much tv but Gregg & I just recently watched Enchanted & I thought Morgan would enjoy the musical parts. Boy, was I right. She LOVES them!!! Especially the final dance in the movie. Dad-dee loves to dance with her during this part. It really is so precious to watch. He recently taught her to give big hugs when you ask. What a snuggle bunny! I thought she was growing out of the cuddle phase ( busy little bee these days). So glad she loves hugs! So, here's Morgan & her Dad-dee dancing to their special song.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Ok, keep in mind that Gregg has no qualms about looking as goofy as possible if it means putting a smile on his little girl's face. They had a blast dancing! He really is such a wonderful Dad-dee. So, sit back, relax & have a good laugh. The video starts sideways (sorry, video does not work the same way as still pictures....I figured that one out too late).

Auntie Dee-Dee sent an assortment of plastic, play sunglasses last year. Morgan loves them. She has popped the lenses out of these pink ones but loves them. She will bring them over & have you help her put them on. Then, she goes over to the curio (which has a mirror on the backboard) and laughs & talks to herself in the mirror. It is so funny to watch. She will do this over & over. We call her "mini Clark Kent" when she brings out the glasses. She thinks we don't know it is her when she wears them (her alter ego).

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Well, I saw my doctor today for my 2 year check-up. Here are my stats:

I weigh 23.7 lbs and I am 33 inches long. Still tall & skinny! My doctor loves it because he says too many kids are obese these days. So, I'll take tall & skinny. He said I am very healthy & Mommy and Dad-dee are doing such a terrific job with me. He told them I just light up whatever room I am in. That was very nice of him to say.

I am walking too. Not all the time but most of the time. I have the strength & ability to walk but I know how much faster I can get around with my speed crawling. I love to play catch. I can throw a ball really well & hard too. I LOVE books! I have stacks of them. I also love muscical cards. My family sends them to me for holidays & birthdays & I play with them until they wear out. Mommy has repaired several of them....several times. I am a professional stacker too. I can stack anything. I love music. My favorites are Josh Groban, Signing Times & now Barney!! Mommy broke down & bought me a Barney DVD & I LOVE him! I walk up to the tv & try to touch him. What is it about that big, purple dinosaur? But, I still only get to watch tv for about 20 minutes a day. We are so busy doing other things. I am signing a lot of words now (about 40 or so) & I can actually say Mama, Dad-dee, kitty cat, hi, ball, go & baby. I love signing baby & then rubbing Mommy's tummy. I think something is in there. Hmmmm.....
I can make a monkey sound, a snake sound & a lion sound if you ask me. Dad-dee is now teaching me to meow like a cat. hee hee
My favorite foods are spaghetti squash, Thai stir fry (lots of veggies please), yogurt, strawberry kefir, beans, enchiladas, avocados, homemade chicken noodle soup, veggie chili, fruit popsicles & vanilla ice cream.
Well, that is the latest. I am one healthy & happy little girl.