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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Daddy's acting weird and mumbling about "My Precious!"

Daddy's been calling himself Smeagol AND Gollum and muttering about his "PRECIOUS". This behavior concerns me, especially if he starts referring to Mt Ranier as MT DOOM (for those living under a rock, these are Lord of the Rings references).

Thank you Gran for my pretty shirt!!!

Mommy's so pretty....

Looking at Mommy and Daddy, I experienced a Vuja De (unlike a Deja Vu, a Vuja De is the strange feeling that NONE of this has ever happened before) where I am reminded of a wonderful Disney movie I've NEVER seen....Beauty and the Beast!

A cat, a bear, and a baby all walk into a bar....

Priscilla and I are plotting and planning ways to annoy Daddy. We will hatch our devious scheme very soon....

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Daddy starts his new job tomorrow!!

I am so proud of Daddy! He will start his new job as Pilot-Flight Instructor for Boeing tomorrow. This is a picture of a Boeing 737-700, which is the plane he will most likely learn first.

This is the cockpit (politically correct term would be Flight Deck). There are lots of pretty colors and fun buttons and switches to play with. Maybe Daddy will bring me to training!! Aunt Dianna arrived today with her mega-camera, the "Canon XJTYIUBDGDSD Super Zoom Makes Dinner and Cleans RJXVF 9000". This camera is capable of breast-feeding if programmed correctly. Aunt Dianna will take new pictures so Daddy can post them--stay tuned!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Easter 2006!!

Happy Easter everyone! (well, 2 days late--sorry!) In this picture, I am expressing my awe and wonder at yet another of Daddy's "brilliant" parenting ideas.

The 3 Musketeers (Princess Morgan, Queen Willow, and the Easter Bunny) ride again! Look out evil-doers!!

Yes, Daddy did my hair....again. Oh, and a note from Daddy....

Attention fans of Princess Morgan. I will be posting new info and pics probably every 5-7 days. I realize this may traumatize some of you, but remember, I don't care. Just Kidding! I will start my new job as Boeing Pilot Flight Instructor on Apr 28th, so I will be pretty busy in training. Not to mention keeping up with Pri.....

Ok Daddy, that's enough outta you! Fix my bottle, and remember, I like it 98.6, not 98.4 like last time!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Four Week Birthday Morgan!! (from Logan and Willow)

Hi everybody! I'm Logan. Some refer to me as the "Village Idiot" (I have no idea why). I, like precious little Morgan, love to eat and sleep. And since she doesn't try to eat my food (yet!) or sleep in my bed, I love her!! If you're wondering, yes, my tongue does stick out like this all the time (auditioning as Bass Guitarist for KISS).

I am Queen Willow. Yes, I said Queen. Perhaps I need to remind my subjects about the hierarchy of the royal family. Queen OUTRANKS princess!!!!! Yet the little princess gets all the Queen's attention! As you can see by my face....I'm not happy. Just kidding! I love little Morgan, she is a great addition to the house, and I can't wait to play with her.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

OK Daddy, here's how this is gonna work....

Wake up Daddy! I want to tell you how things are gonna be. I'm the Boss of this Family, Mommy's the Underboss, and you're just a foot soldier (I may promote you to Caporegime, and if you're a good Daddy, you may reach Consigliere). You will see to my every need, or I may have you whacked (by Mommy upside the head!). I'm glad we had this little talk, now go get me a bottle.

He is so lazy! I can't wake him up! Maybe if I fluff him (NOTE: little princesses do not fart or toot), he might stir. If that doesn't work, I'll start screaming. ;)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Dastardly plot to stockpile the world's Natural Gas supply!

I have hatched a plot to stockpile the world's Natural Gas my digestive system!!!! I have kept Mommy and Daddy pretty busy today. They are working feverishly to foil my plans, and if I'm not careful, they may succeed in saving the world (and their sanity)! I will try to secretly feed Mommy spaghetti, pizza, and other tomato products, as well as cabbage and broccoli; these foods will find their way into Mommy's milk, and then right into my Gas Refinery (which, according to Daddy, can store infinite amounts of gas)! Don't tell Mommy, but I asked Grandma to make stuffed cabbage before she went back to Florida!

Daddy promises he will take some new pictures soon--stay tuned!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mommy, Beware the Great White Milk Shark!

Quotes from JAWS:

"What we have here is an eating machine (Hooper to clueless mayor) "

"I think we're going to need a bigger boob...oops BOAT! (Chief Brody)"

"That's a 20 incher! (Hooper) 20.5 incher (Quint in response)"

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I just want to thank all my fans...

I want to thank everyone for visiting so far. I celebrated my 3 week birthday yesterday with Mommy and Daddy--I ate, slept, fussed, had gas, and fussed (did I mention fussed already?), then repeated that cycle 8 times. Mommy and Daddy are having so much fun!!!!

My Daddy got a new job!! He is going to be a flight instructor for Boeing! This will now be his main job, so he can return to being a part-time reservist for the Air Force Reserves (he has been full-time for almost 5 years). I'm glad, for I have plans for Daddy's money--nefarious, secret, girl-crazy spending plans. Mommy and I are very happy for Daddy, and he is excited about this new adventure.

Well, that's all for today--keep writing comments! We love to hear from everyone (even Auntie Dianna).

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Please say a prayer for my friend!!

This is my friend Connor. He is an amazing little boy who has been through many hardships and trials in his young life, more than most of us will ever experience. He has super-loving parents, whose faith is tested (but NEVER lost) time and again through his rollercoaster medical journey. Please visit Connor's site-- -- read about his unbelievable journey, and say a prayer for him and his family. I promise you will be inspired by this incredible story of love, devotion, and unshakeable faith.

Day 20 of my captivity....

My parents continue to torment me....

Today, they put me face-up on this strange mat with bizarre dangling objects hanging above me. My diet consists of milk, milk, and more milk (with an occasional side of formula mixed with..............wait for it..............................milk). Daddy took me for a walk in something called a Baby Bjorn, or as Grandma would call it, "some fandangled torture contraption".

Oh, my so-called bodyguards are totally ignoring me...see below photographic and audio evidence (The following conversation was captured using hi-tech surveillance equipment)

Calvin: "You notice anything different?"
Oliver: "Nope."
Calvin: "You sure?"
Oliver: "Yep."
Calvin: "Positive?"
Oliver: "Positive. Now go away, before I smack you."

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Kitty Forum: Weekly observations from Felis Domesticus

My name is Oliver. You need to know one thing. I rule this house. Don't mess with Morgan....ever. If you do, you'll sleep with the fishes (which I eat, by the way). And now a word from Priscilla and Calvin, aka The Peanut Gallery.

Hi, my name is Priscilla, and the oreo-looking fella is Calvin (he has no sense of modesty). We used to rule this house, but Princess Morgan has usurped our authority, not to mention she consistently interrupts our precious nap time (23 out of 24 hours on a typical day).

Seriously, we love our little Morgan, and we are her new bodyguards so beware! We are trained, vicious attack cats (during the 1 hour/day we're awake), so tread carefully around our lil' peanut!

Next week: Logan and Willow introduce themselves!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Princess Morgan inplicated in Barry Bonds Steroid Scandal!!

Don't let that smile fool you. We have reason to suspect Barry Bonds has been secretly providing performance-enhancing substances to our lil' peanut.

Why do I level such grievous charges against my beloved daughter, you say?

This child can flip from belly to back all by herself!! At 2.5 weeks old!!! (We have video documentation to confirm this magnificent milestone) She continues to awe and amaze us with every gesture, expression, and sound; we could not be more proud to be her parents.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Bathtime is funtime!

Thank you Aunt Dianna, Uncle David, Cousins Cole and Sam, and Yogi the wonder dog, for my wonderful pink bunny bath towel. It is soft and very warm, and I love it. Of course, Mommy and Daddy said Aunt Dianna went "nuts" with all the other stuff she sent, but I really appreciate it--in fact, I can't wait to torture Daddy with H.R. Puff'n'Stuff!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I think I'm getting seasick!

They think this swing will appease me. They really don't know who they're dealing with. Revenge is a dish best served in a diaper, if you know what I mean.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mommy saved me!!

Mommy has returned, I'm saved!! By the way Mommy, I should tell you....I'm starving!!

Mommy's smiling must mean Daddy did a good job after all (5 hours just me and Daddy!).

Mommy and Grandma left me all alone....with Daddy!!! Help!!!!!!

I can't believe they left me with Daddy. As you can see from the above photo, safety is not always his top priority. He means well, and tries hard, but come on! I need the experts! I am counting the seconds until Mommy gets home. Thankfully, the cats are here to assist Daddy in caring for lil' ol' me!

Just kidding! I love my Daddy--he is the best Daddy I've ever had! He did a good job warming up my bottle and feeding me--he even got multiple burps. I will continue to fuss anyway, just to see if I can frazzle his nerves a little. He thinks he's in control, which is what I want him to think!

You know, it really is very easy to move a 200lb man and make him do what you want. I should write an instruction manual for mommy. ;)