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Friday, May 23, 2008

Sydney is here!!

My little sister arrived this morning!! Please go to to get all the wonderful news!! Here's a sneak peak of my little sissy.......

Daddy's hand is gigantic! He is a gentle giant, and easy to manipulate. Sydney and I have him right where we want him, and he knows it..........

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tick Tock....

Here are the last of the belly shots before 'D' (delivery) Day. We can't wait to see if Morgan will have a little brother or sister. This will be our last post until the arrival of Baby #2. Be sure to check back soon.

Thank GOD for mothers. My mom will be here for 7 weeks to help. Yahooooo!!!
Is it just me or do other pregnant women nest 'outside' as well. My mom was laughing because there wasn't a weed to be pulled in our yard. She loves to get into things (projects). So, we made sure there would be no work for her to do during her visit, other than love on the kids. Plus, now I can relax knowing everything is cleaned, polished, shinning, groomed, weeded, etc....Ok, so I may be a bit type "A".

Gotta love Trader Joe's natural strawberry fruit bars. Morgan loves them. Of course it takes her a week to finish one but it is such a joy watching her go at it. She is using a fork & spoon really well now. She eats her stew all by herself and even her salsa eggs. Yeah Morgan!

A WHIRLING DERVISH! I love watching her walk. It is such a huge milestone. Morgan has worked so hard to get where she is at now. I think a lot of parents take for granted every little movement that goes into learning to walk. We cherish every moment of her development and celebrate every little thing. Remember not to take anything for granted when it comes to your kids.

Monday, May 12, 2008


LOOK! Not only can angels fly but they can walk too!


Happy Mother's Day everyone!
Dad-dee treated Mommy to breakfast in bed this morning. He got up at 6 am to sneak out to the store & get Mommy bacon (wow, Mommy never eats bacon...must be that little brother or sister of mine craving meat). He made her fluffy, yummy pancakes ( not that I would know since I won't eat them...but Mommy says they are delicious). Dad-dee also got her a big bouquet of flowers and even trimmed them and put them in a vase. Wow, my Dad-dee is good, huh? She even got a musical card from me. Of course you know it is mine now...hee hee! Ok, back by popular demand....the 'Buddha Belly" shot. Only 12 days to go....tick -tock. So, do you think we will have a girl or boy? Hmmmm....

Here are my friends Caleb & Ryley. They live a few houses down from me and always come out to play with me whenever they see me outside. They are so much fun and so nice to me. It is like having my own big brother & sister. They are the bestest friends a little girl could ask for! Oh, and when I came outside to play with my blue stripped top, Ryley ran inside to put her top on too so we could match. How cute are we?

We love playing catch. It is one of my favorite things. Mommy & Dad-dee are teaching me to kick the ball. They keep saying I could play soccer like them some day. What is soccer?

I love this walking thing and I am getting quite good at it...especially uneven surfaces like grass.
Sometimes I just like to sit & take it all in. Ahhhh!

Ok Dad-dee, the ball is coming at ya...ready?

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Beautiful Day in May

It was sooo nice today! Warm weather....finally!!! Winter has been dragging out this year. It was so warm Mommy & Dad-Dee took me swimming in our hottub today. This is how Mommy & I spent most of last summer. We would play outside, then go for a swim. I can't wait for more days like these. I love my ladybug float and I get to bring my fishies & ducks in the water to play with also. Woo hoo!!