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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mommy & Me

Look, I have hair!!! Most of it is on top and sticks straight up, but I have hair! Mommy loves to put bows in it & make me look like Cindy Loo-Hoo. hee hee.

Still waiting to see if I will have Mommy or Daddy's color eyes. My Auntie Dee Dee says I will have her big blue-lavender eyes. Boy, would that be neat! They are still blue-gray for now.

Mommy is always kissing me. She said she was going to have to start wearing clear lips gloss because I always have sparlkes on my face & head. I kinda like it...getting me ready for when I can wear my own sparkles & make-up. Mommy says it will be a while. So, for now, I'll just have her keep kissing sparkles on me.

Here I am in my new booster/highchair. I am a big girl & get to sit at the table now. I mostly just laugh while Mommy & Daddy eat dinner. But, at least I get to sit with them.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Here I am with my kitty, Calvin. He is really protective of me. He is always very gentle around me. My Calvin loves me! Mommy , me & Calvin had a great slumber.....much needed. Mommy says I look like an angel (especially when I sleep). I am always so happy when I wake up. I never cry. I am getting to be such a big girl. Actually, I really only cry if I am over tired. So, you see it is really important I get my Cat naps- meow! hee hee
Oh, see my hand in Mommy's. I have a long way to grow. Hugs & Kisses!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers.....

Like my new ride? The BOB XJTSWXABCDEFG4000 series. Sweeeeeet! Mommy & I take 2 walks a day. The wheels on my Graco were wearing down fast (Mommy did not realize it was "shopping" stroller). Plus, my car seat can fit in this one so I get a smooth ride now & don't have to wait until I am 6 months. Mommy loves it & the Princess definitely won't feel any peas on this ride. hee hee

Below are some photos of me at the zoo and at my 4 month class/check-up.. I saw my favorite..a Tiger...Grrrrrrr! It decided to rain on us (shocking...rain in Seattle), so I took a cat (hee hee) nap.

At my 4 month class I was the only baby (out of 10) who could roll over both ways-YEAH! The doctor asked Mommy & Daddy if he could put me in front of the class to show how well I hold my head up while on my belly & track objects. He said I was "exceptional". Yeah- I think Mommy & Daddy were very happy. They have been working real hard with me on skills. Here is a boy I met in class. His head got tired & I was more interested in my butterfly (Daddy was happy about that- says boys are yukky).

Daddy has discovered I like to fly up in the air. I give big smiles (& stick out my tongue). I am so close to a full blown laugh...any day now...... They keep putting these things they call rattles on my feet ( I call them fandangled contraptions-a saying from my Grammy- hee hee). By the way, I love my feet. I love pulling my socks off. Why Mommy bothers putting them on is beyond me (you know how she likes to coordinate an outfit).

Well, Daddy should be home soon. He took his first overnight trip (since my birth). He called as soon as he got to Denver & said he missed his girls. The next trip will be longer 2 1/2 weeks. Yukky! But he loves his job with Boeing so at least if he has to be away, he will go to beautiful countries & stay at nice resorts (far cry from the Air Force). He is going to make me tapes so I can see him & hear his voice while he is away. Ok, gotta get ready for bed...bath time-YEAH! Love & kisses!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Me & My Dad-Dee!

Here are some photos of me & my Dad-Dee. He is so funny. He always makes me laugh. He sings to me every day. He knows lots of songs from movies like Willy Wonka, Sound of Music, Beauty & The Beast, etc.. ( Mommy made him watch all these over the past 13 years...her favorites ).

Here we are watching the World Cup. See, he has his US soccer jersey on (even though the US has been eliminated). Oh well. It was neat watching it (for about 10 minutes) then it was back to entertaining me.

Here we are on the 4th of July. We had a very nice day. We napped, went to the park, laid on our blanket & cooked out (burgers...yum). Mommy ate one so I benefited later. Daddy was cracking me up. He is so silly! I missed the fireworks because I am out cold by 8 pm. Maybe another year. Mommy told me all about them the next morning (she watched them from upstairs).

I want to say thank you to my Dad-dee & all our family & friends who proudly serve our country in the military. Without your efforts we would not have the freedoms we have today. Guess that's why it is called Independence Day! I am learning something new every day. Well, I hope you all had a great 4th! Love & kisses!