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Friday, October 31, 2008


The Princess goes trick or treating. Dad-dee, I can do it all by myself.

See! I have my purple pumpkin and I am ready to hit the pavement. Let's go!
My whole entourage. Mommy , Dad-dee & sissy Sydney. Sydney makes a pretty flower, doesn't she?

Hey Mom, enough pictures. I am missing out on all the candy I am going to get ( & give to Dad-dee since I won't touch the stuff). Guess I shouldn't complain that Morgan does not have a sweet tooth. I can't even get her to try a cookie (even organic)...hee hee

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Introducing Princess Morgan and her court jester, Dad-dee! We had a lovely time at the Halloween party.
Please ready my pony for me. I feel like taking a leisurely stroll.

The Princess takes a nice ride with her court jester at her side.

This is my friend Princess Natasha. We rode our ponies together.

This is teacher Barbara. She showers me with kisses.

My court jester and I are enjoying some Halloween crafts. He is a very good assistant.

Here I am accompanied by my court jester & Queen Mommy. One day I will take the throne & rule the kingdom (home). hee hee!
Queen Mommy is teaching me how to perfect the Princess walk.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Here we are at our yearly visit to the pumpkin patch with our 2 little pumkins. Morgan really enjoyed it this year now that she is walking/running. She could really explore. Sydney got a birds eye view with a Bjorn ride on Mommy. Trying to get both of them in the same photo & looking at the camers is proving to be a feat (as most parents well know). Sydney is pouting & Morgan is not sure what to do with her little sister. The expressions on Sydney's face are priceless (she has Gregg's mouth...along with all his other features) but I think she has Mommy's pouty bottom lip down pat. hee hee! This is a girl who knows how to get what she wants...already.

Looking for the perfect pumpkin.
Hey Mommy, how about this one?
Almost 3 feet tall! Wow!!
Im not sure about that goat. Are you sure he doesn't want to eat me?
Morgan does really well trying new things. She does not have many (if any) fears. Thank God! Our most important job as parents is to raise secure children. We trying our best!

Wow! A cow! Is that where my milk comes from?(Only if it is organic...hee hee) Morgan just loves riding ponies. This is her 2nd time this week. We found a farm we can go to any time and take her riding. What a great core strengthener plus it is a lot of fun!

She said she wants to move into the hay house. Hmmmm. I think it is because it has a built-in slide.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Be sure to stop by my sister's blog to see the new species recently discovered in the Great Northwest. It is really amazing!

Click below:

Monday, October 06, 2008



Here is Morgan (with Dad-dee) at her first swim class. She just loves the water so we thought we would officially start real swim lessons. Mommy & her siblings all grew up swimming on a team. Maybe she'll grow up loving the water as much as Mommy. Another water baby in the family. If nothing else, it will give us peace of mind knowing she can, safely, swim. Morgan is such a happy child. if you watch closely, she is even clapping in the water. That's our angel.