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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I am cutting my bottom eye-teeth. OUCH! Dad-dee come home & make it all better!


Saturday, September 15, 2007


Well, I am 2 days away from being 18 months old. Woo hoo!!! Here are my latest stats:

I weigh (as of 3 weeks ago) 19.11 lbs...probably 20 now. I am 31.50 inches tall. Long & skinny just like my Dad-dee! Grammy says I look like I weigh more than 20 lbs. Just dainty I guess. My doctor says he prefers lean babies so Im just perfect. I love to babble. I say mama, ba ba, hi, and many other indisriminate words. Hey, I know what Im saying. Not my fault you guys don't understand. I can sign more words like kitty, ice cream, hello, ball, mama. I definitely understand more than I can sign.
I love just about any food. My favorites are spaghetti squash, yams, avocado, zucchini, green beans, bok choy, mushrooms, peppers, celery, beans (any kind), yogurt, smoothies, and the only sweet I get is yummy (organic- of course) vanilla ice cream. Mommy says no junk (whatever that is)! I am using big girl cups with straws. It took a little while to transition from a bottle because I had to learn to drink from a cup or straw (no sippy cups because of the potential for speech problems). But, once I got the straw thing down I drink like a pro!
I love stacking ANYTHING! Peek-a-boo is a favorite. I'll cover you up, too, with blankets, scarves, whatever is nearby. I can identify body parts. My favorite is Mommy's nose & mouth. I also love to get a good grip on Dad-dee's nose & give it a big squeeze. It is funny when he yells OUCH! hee hee! The kitties are having a hard time running from me now. I really like to crawl up behind them in the kitchen windows & pull their tails. It is funny. Mommy says to be gentle with kitties. I thought I was gentle, especially when I get a hand full of fur. hee hee! I am cruising furniture & taking steps (assisted). I am so close to walking. I think Mommy & Dad-dee may claim it a national holiday when I take my first steps all by myself. They are so excited! It will be any day now. I think the suspense is killing them. I sure make them appreciate every little thing I do. I know they are so proud of me and I know I am so loved. Mommy keeps telling Dad-dee to shave because with all the kisses he gives me, my cheeks are going to be raw. Poor Dad-dee (he shaves every day too)! Well, Grammy is here for 3 weeks! YA HOO!!! Big things will happen, I know. Dad-dee is on a trip. I bet he is laying by the pool reading this right now....oops! I meant he is working hard, yes, that's right...working hard (on south beach) hee hee! Have fun Dad-dee! Be safe! Ladybug hugs to all. Thanks for stopping by & catching up with me. Oh! P.S. 18 months & still not even a sniffle. Must be all the good food & vitamins. Yeah!!

More teeth coming in. The eye teeth now. I have 13 1/2 teeth now. Woo hoo!